How I track my training

On 5th February 2000 I ran 3,7 km in the time of 15:45. This was my first entry into training log, which was in paper back then. 3.757 workouts later (until 2014) I get very nostalgic when holding those couple of papers that were my training log at that time. Now in the electronic age, I cannot hold my training log anymore as it is stored in a cloud. Being data geek, this is how I track my workouts.

My training log is of course in a form of Excel spreadsheet. The data entry sheet for specific year is arranged in rows, so that each row represents a date in a year. For each day I record the following things:

  • run training,
  • swim training,
  • bike training,
  • strength training,
  • In which part of the day workouts were performed (i.e. morning, AM, PM, evening),
  • weight,
  • and hours of sleep.

B00701 Daily data entry

For running sessions I firstly assign a label for the workout type, so that I can easily determine the intervals sessions, tempo sessions and long runs. Before the session numbers comes a brief description of the workout, while the numbers present duration, length, vertical gain, average and max HR and calories burned (as calculated by Polar watch).

B0070101 Run

Then I have 3 categories that present my Rating of perceived exertion, Fatigue and Willingness to train for that session. I assign a 0-9 value to each based on the following index:

Rating of perceived exertion Fatigue Willingness to train
1 – Very light
3 – Fairly light
4 – Moderate
5 – Somewhat hard
6 – Hard
7 – Very hard
9 – Maximum
1 – Feeling new
3 – Rested
5 – Average
7 – Tired
9 –Destroyed
1 – Very High
3 – High
5 – Average
7 – Low
9 – Zero

This allows me to assess my training / overtraining status. Furthermore, I also track in which running shoes I ran. The workout tempo and TSS (my Training Stress Score, more on that in a later post) are calculated automatically, and the yearly summary sits on the top of workout list.

I track swim training very unclearly, as I still haven’t found a suitable way to easily browse through main sets in a sea of drills. So I describe each workout in a list manner, then I note training duration and the total swim distance. I also note RPE, Fatigue and Willingness to train for that session and weather the swim was done in wetsuit.

B0070102 Swim

As with running, I first assign a label for workout type when logging cycling session. Then duration, distance, vertical climb, cadence, average power, HR and calories come, along with RPE, Fatigue and Willingness to train. At the end comes the notion of which bike, wheel set, tire and cycling shoes were used.

B0070103 Bike

I also track the type and reps / sets of strength exercises and their total duration.

B0070104 Strenght

On this sheet I also have some basic statistics of workouts I performed in the last week, month or in last specified days (i.e. number of workout, duration of workouts…). Beside this summary table is one very annoying cell, that shows me how many hours I am behind (or above) the planned weekly hours, which I have set at 21. If the cell is white, than I am on plan (at least based on duration), and if it is red, then I have some training to do.

B0070105 summary

This sheet in a workbook represents the data entry point, while I have some computed statistics on other sheets. They are weekly, monthly and yearly view sheets, which show weekly, monthly and yearly summaries.

B00702 Weekly view

B00703 Monthly view

B00704 Yearly view

I also have two other sheets, which show my cumulative yearly data for run / bike / swim volumes and run / bike / swim volumes in chosen time periods (i.e. in 30 days).

B00706 Cummulative view

B00705 Period view

Other various sheets include a list of all my races (122 up to this day), list and description of all my injuries, list of all my triathlon expenses, list of all my run track sessions and bike hill workouts and a list for yearly planning of training and races.

B00707 Races summary

B00708 Equipment summary

I find Excel really excellent program for my tracking purposes as it enables me any statistical analysis I choose. Over the last 10 year that I am using Excel, I updated this file gradually, adding various statistics and features along with some fancy formatting touches. This is the main reason for not using online programs like Garmin Connect or Strava as they limit me either in their statistics or at their presentation of the data.

I made a simplified version of my Excel spreadsheet for tracking triathlon training. Feel free to download and use it, if you find it useful!

Download “Training log” Training-log.xlsx – Downloaded 863 times – 257 KB


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  1. Tracy

    This is awesome! I love how you’ve captured all the data! I’ve been trying to find the best way to incorporate more details in my training log. Would you by chance have an updated version for 2015?


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