Race week meals – IM France

I already described my nutrition tapering on my blog previously, but have received quite a lot of questions regarding actual meals. I can understand that it can be quite difficult to measure the chosen amount of carbohydrates without proper food tracking (i.e. food weighting), so I decided to take pictures of all my meals in the entire race week.

But before going into the race week meals, I must also describe the carb intake in the preceding weeks:

  • 220 g of carbs per day in my hardest weeks of training before IM France (weeks -8 to -4),
  • 181 g of carbs in week -3
  • 159 g of carbs in week -2
  • 102 g of carbs in week -1 (i.e. last week before the race week).

This gradual reduction of carbs is consistent with reductions in training volume and further amplifies my reliance on fats for fuel.

On race week, I additionally reduced my carb intake to an average of 63 g before Friday’s dinner, when I usually start with a one and a half day carbo-loading protocol. But as mentioned in my race recap, that’s when I had a mild food poisoning with a tomato salad and boiled eggs. Almost immediately after I ate the salad, I had stomach discomfort, which lasted for three days. This resulted in limited food intake on Friday and Saturday. The plan was to eat in excess of 6.000 kCal on both days, but managed only 3.000 on Saturday! Well bellow of 5.700 kCal and 481 g of carbs as before IM Hawaii 2013 or 6.100 kCal and 435 g of carbs as before IM Lanzarote 2013.

On the following picture are presented all of my race week meals with times consumed.

B017 race week meals

And yes, those 4 pieces of pizza from the finish line probably contained gluten and I would not eat them if I didn’t suffered so much in the race. I immediately regretted it, as I felt even worse after eating them!

This week also concludes my 583-day tracking of food intake. I think that my kitchen scale deserves retirement!


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