Slovenian Journal of Low Carb Endurance (2014) 02: 010-019


178 km Run from Ljubljana to Triglav and Back: Two-Day Low Carb Self-Supported Bragging Rights Adventure

Klemen Rojnik, PhD1


Two day 178 kilometer run challenge was performed in order to provide test subject with bragging rights for life. The activity consisted of reaching Slovenia’s highest mountain Triglav (2864 m) from Ljubljana by foot and returning on following day back to Ljubljana, also by foot.The whole adventure was performed with self-supported nutrition, meaning the test subject carried all nutrition by himself, not relying on restaurant or grocery store stops. All carried nutrition was low in carbohydrates and consisted of self-made Low Carb energy bars and pork rinds. During 25 hour spent running, the test subject burned 15.239 kCal, while ingesting only 7.236 kCal (555 g fat, 244 g protein, 297 g carbohydrates) and approx. 14,5 L of plain water. While only 16 % of this energy came from carbohydrates, often deemed as ideal fuel for all types of exercises, this research clearly showed that such activities could easily be performed without much need for carbohydrates. His post exercise blood glucose value of 4,7 mmol/L and blood ketones value of 1,1 mmol/L clearly indicated, that the test subject relied heavily on fat as far predominant source of fuel during exercise. His body weight dropped by 5,6 kg (7,5%) during this two day feat. To conclude, this endurance challenge was a success in all three predetermined objectives. When confronted with test subjects bragging, please bear in mind enormous deal of physical and mental discomfort that he had endured and willpower he showed to bypass all alluring suckling pig restaurants, local dairy farms and pristine mountain food offerings along the way.

Keywords Bragging Rights, Low Carb, Endurance Challenge, Running

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Article history – Received 16.Aug.2014, Revised 30.Aug.2014, Accepted 3.Sep.2014
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Author affiliations: 1Izobraževalne storitve, Rojnik Klemen s.p. Celovška cesta 87, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, E-mail:

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