Tedenski pregled #125

Seznam zanimivosti z medmrežja, na katere sem zašel v preteklem tednu…

Prebranek tedna

10 mimosunkov moderne medicine:

  1. It fails to acknowledge that the basic components of our biology were designed for Stone Age conditions
  2. It fails to recognize the vital role that the microbes that colonize our bodies play in shaping our biology and health and has historically paid little attention to the detrimental impact that drugs such as antibiotics have on our microbiomes
  3. It largely overlooks the fact that the human body is a biological system composed of many interconnected parts and that a myriad of different diseases and health problems develop as a result of poor gut health and chronic inflammation
  4. It fails to fully acknowledge that friendly bacteria are extremely powerful allies to have in our fight against bad bugs
  5. It fails to acknowledge that all organisms on this planet, including humans, were designed via natural selection and that Darwin, in his book On the Origin of Species, equipped us with a powerful framework that helps us understand why organisms are vulnerable to disease
  6. It pays no attention to the connection that exists between health and biological fitness in the context of Darwinian evolution
  7. It fails to acknowledge that many manifestations and symptoms of illness (e.g., fever) are bodily defenses shaped by evolution and that blocking these defenses (e.g., via a drug) in many instances do more harm than good
  8. It pays too little attention to the role nutrition and lifestyle plays in shaping our health
  9. It fails to fully acknowledge that most diseases develop as a result of complex genome-environment interactions and that it’s impossible to control all of these interactions with a drug
  10. It fails to recognize that the basic circuitry and components of the human brain were designed for conditions that differ markedly from the conditions we – contemporary humans – find ourselves in


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