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I swim, I bike, I run. I sleep. And I eat – quite a lot. I am also a data geek, as influenced by math secondary school and PhD in pharmacy with essential rule “if it’s not written it’s not done”. Therefore I also track everything interesting (for me) about me. From training, weight, sleep, expenses to eating. Accordingly this site is coming out of my geeky nature’s attempt to describe my venture into field of endurance nutrition.

So thank you for stopping by. Here is a short background of who I am and how my foray into endurance world came to life changing results because of nutrition transformation. Otherwise I am just ordinary triathlete like you, struggling with the full time work, family, training balance.


41 curriculum vitae     Early years CV

B006 Trek Speed Concept 7.0 2013     My equipment

B00504 Vegetables     What I eat

KEEP CALM AND EAT LOW CARB     My sport results

Contact me     Contact me

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