ZOIC energy barsZOIC energy bars with insects

Recently I was given an opportunity to test a true Paleo product – an energy bar made with insects.




B0025 Running head lamps (2)Running head lamps – Petzl Tikka RXP and Tikka plus, Led Lenser SEO5

Along with winter’s weather comes also the shortening of days, which poses some difficulties for us runners, who hate to run indoors. Winter weather means bad road and trail conditions that in conjunction with still present leaves from fall and dark conditions pose non-negligible risks for ankle sprains.


DIY Running Shoe Rack (10)DIY Running Shoe Rack

Being a triathlete (or runner) means having a lot of running shoes. And that count goes up to gazillion pairs when living with a runner, which poses quite big storage problem.



Final result - home made Snow gaitersDIY Snow Gaiters

As the season is turning into winter and we’re expecting at least some snow also in Ljubljana, I decided for another Do-It-Yourself project.



B022 UltrabluesUltrablues

Ko tekma le izgovor, da napišeš knjigo o teku, in ko potem ta knjiga sploh ne govori o teku…




B006 Running shoes NMy running shoes (so far) – December 2014 update

I’ve used a lot of running shoes over the years, 43 to be exact. I have around 6 – 7 pairs in daily rotation that I cycle through depending on workout type.



B020 Ljubljana marathon course comparison 2013-14Ljubljana marathon course comparison 2013 vs. 2014

Ljubljana will host 19th edition of Ljubljana marathon on 26th of October 2014. And for the first time, like all major marathons around the world, the full marathon will be run in one lap.




Slo J Low Carb Endur #1Slovenian Journal of Low Carb Endurance (2014) 02: 010-019


178 km Run from Ljubljana to Triglav and Back: Two-Day Low Carb Self-Supported Bragging Rights Adventure



Slo J Low Carb Endur #1Slovenian Journal of Low Carb Endurance (2014) 01: 001-009


From Ljubljana to Triglav and back: 202 km one day bike-run-bike Low Carb endurance adventure with self-supported nutrition and enjoyment as main objective



B017 DIY Low Carb energy bar batchDIY Low Carb Energy Bars

The need for energy intake during prolonged activities is greatly reduced while being on Low Carb nutrition due to greater reliance on fat for fuel. And we carry plenty of fat to get us nearly anywhere. But there are still situations, where easily transportable, energy and nutritionally dense snack may come in handy.



B017 race week mealsRace week meals – IM France

I already described my nutrition tapering on my blog previously, but have received quite a lot of questions regarding actual meals. I can understand that it can be quite difficult to measure the chosen amount of carbohydrates without proper food tracking (i.e. food weighting), so I decided to take pictures of all my meals in the entire race week.


B015 Ironman france logoIronman France

In 2013 I decided to do Ironman France for the same reason I did Ironman Lanzarote: because of challenging bike course. Besides preventing excessive drafting on race day, applying for races with hard bike course “forces” you to train harder on the bike.


B014 absolute blood lipid valuesMy blood lipid values

This is one of the most frequent questions I received since switching to Low Carb High Fat nutrition. It almost every time goes something in the line with “…your cholesterol must be off charts because of the high fat intake…” As it turns out, 2 common myths about heart disease are wrong.



B013 Žana EatingMoja zgodba – My Story (Žana Jereb)

Za Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) način prehranjevanja sem prvič slišala 23. novembra 2012, ko mi Klemen pošlje enega izmed člankov prof. Tima Noakes-a, spodaj pa pripiše: “Tole bo treba sprobat!”.

It was on 23rd November 2012 when I first heard of Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet, when Klemen sent me one of the articles by prof. Tim Noakes and wrote bellow “This needs to be tested!”.


B012 Rotterdam marathon logoRotterdam marathon

Besides being reassigned to kitchen responsibilities, another benefit that (alpha?) male gets from his faster female partner are free entries to races. Having such luck, my girlfriend Žana’s marathon personal best enabled her to get an invitation to 2014 Rotterdam marathon.


pod-castMy favorite podcasts

Podcast are a great way to shorten your time while holding a plank position. Or any other strength exercise, especially those uncomfortable positions that make your muscles screaming in search of “time forward button”.


Your Best TriathlonTriathlon training books

Many of us amateur athletes are self-coached, for various reasons. It may be due to lower ambitions, because of financial constraints, lack of good coaches or something similar. I, for instance, enjoy coaching myself because I like experimenting with new training principles and blending them with established facts, observing effects and analyzing results.


B01101 Volume comparison Training Low

Carbohydrates are undisputedly ergogenic aids for endurance exercise training. There basically isn’t a single study out there that shows a negative effect of carbs on performance. So when going Low carb in training period, your training performance will suffer, either in volume, intensity or RPE (rating of perceived exertion). I finally managed to perform an analysis of my key training periods before Hawaii Ironman triathlon 2012 (High Carb) and before Hawaii 2013 (Low Carb), that confirmed my initial observations and findings from scientific literature.

B00705 Period viewHow I track my training

On 5th February 2000 I ran 3,7 km in the time of 15:45. This was my first entry into training log, which was in paper back then. 3.757 workouts later (until 2014) I get very nostalgic when holding those couple of papers that were my training log at that time. Now in the electronic age, I cannot hold my training log anymore as it is stored in a cloud. Being data geek, this is how I track my workouts.

Skinfold measuring sitesTracking body composition changes

Human body is composed of several materials, some of which are muscle, fat, bone, blood, urine… So measuring or tracking changes in body composition with weight scale is pretty much like observing total points scored in basketball games – 153 baskets scored doesn’t tell you who won and by how much! And when you factor also gut contents, gut microbioma (over 1kg in adults!), glycogen content (with all bound water), urine volume, hydration status… into body weight, the picture becomes quite messy.

B006 Running shoes NMy running shoes (so far)

I’ve used a lot of running shoes over the years, 39 to be exact. I have around 5 – 6 pairs in daily rotation that I cycle through depending on workout type.

B006 YIR trainingYear in review – Training & Racing

I recently got reminded that the year 2013 ended and that it would be appropriate to publish also training data summary for the year, not just nutrition data.


VegetablesGrocery list

A couple of months ago I stumbled on this interesting link that portrays grocery lists of 20 families around the world.


My experience with ketosis and large volume endurance trainingMy thoughts on ketosis for athletes

Ketosis was the topic that sparked the most objections when I described it as the “promise land” in my low carb journey.


My average daily energy source from macro-nutrientsYear in review: my nutrient intake

I had a 1 year Low Carb anniversary on the 25th of November. The year went by really fast and as the 2013 comes to an end, it’s time for some housekeeping.


Kitchen scale, pre-printed paper note, pencil. And 190g tomato (5g carbs, 2g protein, 0g fat, 34 kCal)Tracking nutrient intake

This is one of the most frequent questions I received since starting this blog.

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