Detailed weekly nutrition data

My average weekly nutrition data in terms of grams or % of nutrients consumed, training-energy intake comparison and types of food consumed, with relation to body weight.

My detailed weekly nutrition & weight data

My detailed weekly nutrition & weight data

(Week 1) – The start of LC adaptation, still relatively high carbs due to unfamiliarity with carb contents of food.

(Week 2-6) – Rapid loss of approx. 5 kg body weight in adaptation period, some due to lower body water retention.

(Week 7-9) – Ketosis, with carb intake lower than 50 g and protein lower than 130 g per day. I lost additional 2 kg of body weight.

(Week 9-11) – Misinterpretation of body hunger signals. I increased fat intake to over 500 g per day, when my body was in reality craving for carbs. Due to overconsumption of calories, I gained back some body weight.

(Week 15) – Diarrhea due to spoiled food consumption.

(Week 12-23) Gradual increase of carb consumption to approx. 200 g per day to support the hard block of training for IM Lanzarote.

(Week 24) – Nutrition taper before IM Lanzarote, hence lower carb average.

(Week 25) – IM Lanzarote, higher weekly carb average due to carbo-loading & race nutrition.

(Week 26-27) – Lower carb transition period with reduced training.

(Week 32) – Summer vacation, reduced training, lower carb intake.

(Week 40) – High training load weekend (long run & long bike) with increased carb intake. Overconsumption of carbs resulted in (Week 41) diarrhea, bloating and consequently in reduced food intake, reduced training. I also lost approx. 1 kg of body weight.

(Week 42) – Same situation as in (Week 40-41). Additional loss of approx. 1 kg body weight.

(Week 45) – Nutrition taper before IM Hawaii, hence lower carb average.

(Week 46) – IM Hawaii, higher weekly carb average due to carbo-loading & race nutrition.

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