Low Carb journey

Welcome to my Low Carb journey, where I describe present my first steps into unusual territories of endurance world, the problems I faced and how I resolved them. In addition to assessing very successful results, the plans for future season are laid down to further optimize nutrition – training matrix.

The “riddle” of exercise, nutrition and increasing body weight   I. Enduro carb addiction (or something needs to change)

What prof. Noakes is saying    II. Initiation (or what prof. Noakes is saying)

The theory behind bonking or “Hitting the wall”    III. Adaptation

14 keto adaptation    IV. The ketosis promise land

The rationale for “Train low Race high” nutrition strategy    V. Bouncing back & Optimization

8:48 Magnetic label    VI. Validation

17 SWOT Low Carb training    VII. Lessons learned (so far)

18 witholding carbohydrates    VIII. Plans for season ahead

My detailed weekly nutrition & weight data     Detailed weekly nutrition data

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