My equipment

(disclaimer: all of my equipment was bought or made by me, except Timex Kona stopwatch, which I got as a prize for 2nd place AG in IM Hawaii)


 B006 Zoogs Predator Googles Zoogs Predator Google
I’ve been using them for the last 3 years and they are quite perfect for my face. I only need to change them once or twice a year due to plastic aging and hence water leakage.
 B006 Orca 3.8 Wetsuit Orca 3.8 Wetsut
The highest price per km triathlon equipment, but when you think of freezing in the water, it’s worth every penny. I am satisfied with the model and have no major complaints. It has been stitched and glued a couple of times, so hopefully it will last a couple more seasons.
 B006 Timex T5E961 stopwatch Timex T5E961 & Timex Kona stopwatches
Nothing fancy, no lap counter, just total and lap times in a very small package. All I need when swimming.
 B006 Swimming aids Swimming aids
Large paddles for strength training, small paddles for developing feel for water, pull buoy (mainly in combination with ankle strap) for focusing only on arm training, snorkel for focus on body rotation and fins for various position drills or leg strength.


 B006 Scott Addict R2 2010 Scott Addict R2 2010
Currently 27.085 km. My first road bike, and since I haven’t ridden anything else, I cannot compare it. All in all I am satisfied with it and I had no problems with. Ultegra shifting is reliable, Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels are great.
 B006 Trek Speed Concept 7.0 2013 Trek Speed Concept 7.0 2013
Currently 5.145 km. I decided to invest into TT bike after 2012 Hawaii and now I am very pleased with the decision. I’ve upgraded the basic 7.0 model with Sram Red derailleurs and Bontrager Aura wheels. I’ve had quite a lot of problems with shifting and chain dropping from front chain rings, but after same nerve wrecking fiddling with internal cabling fixing, the shifting is OK. Otherwise, the bike is a joy to ride, so it shows on the performance side as well. I really observed the benefits of shifting while on aero bars which enable me optimal cadence and hence better performance over rolling terrain. The performance on steep hills is of course compromised, as I cannot repeat climbing times of Scott Addict road bike.
 B006 Spinner Insportline Kapara Spinner Insportline Kapara
Currently 0 km, 351 hours. Essential piece of equipment for winter cycling training, where bad weather and short days limit the ability of road cycling. I do most of the winter training on spinner, with sessions up to 3 hours, but you can really punish yourself on spinner in a very short amount of time. It’s also great for work on pedaling technique and for light recovery spins after hard running sessions, so it’s used over whole season. Video entertainment and fan are both a must, though!
 B006 Power meter – Quarq Gxp Power meter – Quarq Gxp
Bought in 2012, one of the best investments for biking. I would say it’s better bang for buck than aero wheel set. It really gives you objective view of performance, so for me, being novice cyclist, it really transformed my training. And consequently race performance, as using power meter on long steady TT is really like cheating! Aside from some battery issues, I really had no major problems or complaints with it, and support from Slovenian dealer (Amida) has been nothing but excellent!
 B006 Garmin Edge 500 Garmin Edge 500
Everything you need in a bike computer that allows power measurement in a nice little package. No complaints.
 B006 Rudy project Wingspan Rudy Project Wingspan
When I started triathlon I said that I would never wear an aero helmet. €50 combination pack with sunglasses made me change my mind…
 B006 Cycling shoes Cycling shoes
Northwave Vertigo SBS (28.130 km) were my first cycling shoes and I really loved them. Light and easily adjustable, but unfortunately after about 4th cleat replacement the bolts broke, so I invested in Specialized Trivent Expert (currently 8.474 km) triathlon shoes. I needed quite some adjustment time, as the sole is really stiff. I also bought Specialized Road Expert (currently 7.188 km) shoes for non-summer training, as they have the same sole as Trivent.


 B006 Polar RS800 with GPS sensor (2) Polar RS800 with GPS sensor
Excellent watch, if only that red button would be more precise! Otherwise, it’s everything I need in a running watch. GPS functionality is excellent, and the ability to pre-program interval workouts based on distance or speed is great.
 B006 Running shoes N Running shoes
I’ve used a lot of running shoes over the years, 39 to be exact. I have around 5 – 6 pairs in daily rotation that I cycle through depending on workout type. Currently they are:

  • Trainers for longer runs: Saucony Kinvara 4, Mizuno Sayonara
  • Tempo or quicker runs: Saucony Virrata
  • Speedwork: Saucony Gridtype A5
  • Barefoot: Vivobarefoot evo
  • Offroad and snow: Merrell Mix Master Aeroblock

My all running shoes (so far)



 Kitchen scale, pre-printed paper note, pencil. And 190g tomato (5g carbs, 2g protein, 0g fat, 34 kCal) Kitchen scale
As mentioned before, the #1 used home appliance! Nothing fancy, just a reliable and simple kitchen scale.
 B006 Body weight scale Body weight scale
Again, nothing fancy (no body-composition measuring abilities etc), just a simple weight scale that can easily be tucked under the sink closet.
 B006 Body fat caliper Body fat caliper
Essential tool for tracking body composition in conjunction with weight scale, as using only body weight as a proxy for weight loss/gain is not a good indicator of body composition changes.
 B006 Weights Weights
I have 2 x 2,5 kg angle weights for leg strength exercises, 5, 6 and 2 x 10 kg dumbbells for arm strength exercises and 10 – 40 kg barbell for overall strength. If I would have to pick one for efficiency, I would probably choose barbell, as I have really seen the benefits of squats, lounges and box steps ups in my cycling performance.
 B006 Homemade box Homemade box
Just a simple 40 cm high sturdy box I made for step-ups with barbell and for polymeric jumps. I used water resistant chipboard, as I use it outdoors.
 B006 Pull-up bar Pull-up bar
My first fitness equipment in apartment, that I made between two walls. It was messy installation, but the feeling of security is essential in weight bearing exercises.
 B006 Homemade suspension trainer (2) Homemade suspension trainer
One of my first Do-It-Yourself projects, as I didn’t want to spend a fortune for a TRX. Was frequently used by my daughter for swinging, but nowadays I mainly use it for core and stability exercises.
 B006 Balance pad Balance pad
One of the latest additions to my training equipment that I use for core and stability exercises. It made me aware of my very poor balance abilities.
 B006 Yoga mat Yoga mat
Essential piece of equipment for stretching and core strength work.
 B006 Homemade stretch cords Homemade stretch cords
Another DIY project that I use for arm strength training and occasionally for warming up before swim sessions.
 B006 Standing desk Standing desk
The latest DIY project, inspired (yet again) by Mark Sisson. €30 worth of material and 30 minutes of work well spend. Most of my work entails sitting behind computer, so the standing desk brings some nice variation to my work. I’ve been using it for a couple of months so far, and I would estimate that I stand approx. half of the time in the office. The displacement of monitor and keyboard is somewhat bothersome, but the benefits still outweigh the hassle. I really notice the improvements in my flexibility especially after morning running workouts. When I was sitting all the time I was getting progressively stiffer throughout the day, while now I feel much better when changing position regularly from standing to sitting.



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