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DIY Low Carb Energy Bars

The need for energy intake during prolonged activities is greatly reduced while being on Low Carb nutrition due to greater reliance on fat for fuel. And we carry plenty of fat to get us nearly anywhere. But there are still situations, where easily transportable, energy and nutritionally dense snack may come in handy. Hence I decided to make my own Low Carb energy bars for long trail runs or bike rides. After few iterations, I came to the following recipe for energy bars that are highly nutritious, have quite a lot of energy and do not melt in your back pocket.

1. First I start with soaking the chia seeds overnight, so that they become more gel like and easily digestible.

2. In a separate bowl I mix together following ingredients:

B017 DIY Low Carb energy bar

The bulk of the caloric value comes from ground nuts (macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts), coconut flour and coconut butter, while 2 eggs, a bit of starch and whey protein powder are added as binding substances that enhance the binding properties of chia. Cinnamon and ground cocoa beans are added as flavor, while raisins contribute to that extra carbohydrate mental boost spark.

B017 DIY Low Carb energy bar mixture

3. Then I add chia seeds, mix well and put the mixture into the pan with baking paper.

B017 DIY Low Carb energy bar into the pan

4. I bake at 160°C (320°F) for about 40 minutes and then let it cool down.

B017 DIY Low Carb energy bar batch

5. Then I cut the energy “loaf” into 16 pieces and wrap them in aluminum foil. They can be kept either in refrigerator or freezer for a very long time. But in my experience, the expiry date is not a problem 😉

B017 DIY Low Carb energy bar packets

Nutritional information for the whole batch and for 1 energy bar is as follows.

B017 DIY Low Carb energy bar composition NEW


As you can see, one Low Carb energy bar has just shy of 300 kCal with only 11 g of Carbs, while 74% of energy comes from fat! A pretty nice composition and packed with nutrients!

Bon appetite!