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My favorite podcasts

Podcast are a great way to shorten your time while holding a plank position. Or any other strength exercise, especially those uncomfortable positions that make your muscles screaming in search of “time forward button”. They are also quite effective for keeping you up to date with recent research, new opinions or getting to know new people and their views. In the past I literally listened to thousands of podcast episodes, mainly from the nutrition & lifestyle fields, and some from triathlon & endurance world as well. While I listen them mainly during strength exercises and while cooking, I could never wear headphones while running outdoors. Not only due to safety reasons, have I just never found it boring to run outdoors. Probably due to enhanced blood flow through the brain and the flow of ideas that follow 🙂

Nonetheless, here are the podcasts I listen to most often:



Robb WolfThe Paleo solution podcast (Robb Wolf)

The podcast from one of the “paleo-men” itself, currently with over 200 episodes. There are interesting guests, comprehensive answers to listener’s questions and all in all very high quality content, as you would expect from Robb Wolf! Topics vary from nutrition, health and lifestyle advice to fitness. A must listen!

WWW   –   iTunes

Revolution Health RadioRevolution health radio (Chriss Kresser)

Chriss Kresser is a self-described health skeptic and detective that debunks popular mainstream health myths. The podcast is full of practical information on how to prevent and reverse disease naturally. All provided information is well founded in scientific research, so expect top quality advice!

WWW   –   iTunes

The Primal Blueprint PodcastPrimal Blueprint podcast (Mark Sisson)

Mark Sisson entered the podcasting world lately and the wait was worthwhile. As you would expect from him, the content is high quality, all research based and in accordance with his “Primal” stance.

WWW   –   iTunes

The Fat-Burning Man ShowThe Fat-Burning Man Show (Abel James)

Don’t let that cover image fool you. He’ not (all) about the looks, his content is high quality. His interviewing skills really bring the best out of his guests, so the show is a worthwhile time investment.

WWW   –   iTunes

The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb ShowThe Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show (Jimmy Moore)

Jimmy Moore, the grandfather of Low Carb podcasting has been around for ages. And among 800 + shows, there are some really high quality guests, like Tim Noakes, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Lorain Cordain, Vollek, Phinney, Attia, Taubes and many others. While Jimmy certainly needs some time to get used to, his interviewing skills are good so do search for interesting guest and have a listen!

WWW   –   iTunes

Ask The Low-Carb ExpertsAsk the Low Carb experts (Jimmy Moore)

A “sister” podcast to Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show, this one is more centered towards answering listener’s questions to Low Carb experts, which also include very prominent names!

WWW   –   iTunes



IMTalkIM talk (Bevan James Eyles, John Newsom)

This one is all about triathlon with emphasis on Ironman triathlon. Weekly news, often some knowledgeable guests, coaching tips and some random fun facts thrown in between. Only for triathletes!

WWW   –   iTunes

IMTalk's Legends of TriathlonLegends of triathlon (Bevan James Eyles, John Newsom)

With the same podcast authors as IM talk, this show brings you on monthly basis the interviews with the legends of triathlon. Really interesting podcast for the sport historians among us, with reflections of how the sport was back in the days and how it developed.

WWW   –   iTunes

Competitor radioThe Competitor radio (Bob Babbitt, Paul Huddle)

The triathlon legend, Bob Babbitt, along with co-host Paul Huddle brings interviews with various interesting people from endurance world. Mainly they are athletes, with some coaches or race organizers thrown in between. Bob’s history knowledge is remarkable, so he’s able to bring the very best out of all guests, so the show is really entertaining.

WWW   –   iTunes

firstoffthebikeFirst off the bike

Podcast from down under, where the creators of the popular firstoffthebike webpage provide their insights to current triathlon action. Includes quite a lot of joking so be prepared for a lively listen.

WWW   –   iTunes

brlogBrlog (Jan Kok, Samo Stergel)

New Slovenian podcast with interesting guests. Quite rough language, raw content and provoking debates. Not triathlon related, though nutrition & lifestyle is often discussed. Promising!

WWW   –   iTunes



Je hotela imeti tudi svojo sliko na mojem blogu.
Sem ji rekel, da samo slika ne bo šla, bo treba nekaj zraven napisat.
Je rekla OK.
Sem rekel brez dlake na jeziku in šel za uro na spinner.
Tole je ratalo. Necenzurirano, nelektorirano…



Ok, najprej naj povem, da je njegova paleo prehrana kar spremenila moje bivanje pri njem.

Najprej so mi bile vse jedi zanič.Najbolj me je motilo laneno seme.Naprimer pizza ali polpeti z laneno moko…

Zdaj pa k treningu in tekmam! Ko mi je prvič povedal, da gre na Hawaje sen bila hkrati vesela, navdušena, presenečena in vznemirjena.Moje misli so vse pogosteje uhajale k strahu, da se mu bo kaj zgodilo.Tistih nekaj mesecov sem se spraševala ali bo ali ne bo.Olajšanja, ko sem ga naposlet spet videla ne bom pozabila.Za druge Hawaje ne bom izgubljala besed, dodam lahko samo navdušenje in nekakšen ponos nad očetovim rezultatom.Na drugih manjših triationih ni imel treme, je pa priznal, da jo ima pred Hawaji!

Vsak torek se dobimo pri babici in dedku.Takrat se oči in stric(tudi on je triatlonec) najpogosteje pogovarjata o treningu in tekmah.Večinoma mi je takrat dolgčas.Ponavadi mi oči takrat pokaže slike in video posnetke.To pa mi je všeč.

Zadnjih nekaj vikendov imamo tako kombinacijo, da ob sobotah hodimo v hribe ob nedeljah pa se hodimo kopati.Oči me je poskušal navčiti plavti kravelj.Najprej s plovcem.Ampak so se moje noge dvignile, glava pa je ostala v vodi.Kolesa ne znam voziti, tečem pa tudi ne preveč hitro.Tako, da jaz ne bom triatlonka!

 Ajda Rojnik, 9 let

B00301 My daughter & me



She wanted a picture of herself on my blog.
I said only picture won’t go, there needs to be text as well.
She said OK.
I said don’t mince words and went for an hour on spinner.
The following came out. Uncensored, unedited… (only translated from Slovene)


Okay, first let me say that his paleo diet changed my life with him.

First of all, all dishes sucked. I was most bothered by linseed . For example, pizza or burgers with flax meal…

Now to training and races! When I first heard that he will go to Hawaii I was happy at the same time, excited, surprised and thrilled. My thoughts increasingly escaped the fear that something will happen to him . Those few months I was wondering whether it will or won’t . The relief when I finally saw him again I will not forget. For his second Hawaii I won’t lose words, I add only kind of enthusiasm and pride of my father’s result. On the other smaller triathlons he did not have stage fright , but admitted that he was nervous before Hawaii !

Every Tuesday we meet at Grandma and Grandpa . At the time, he and uncle ( he’s triathlete as well) frequently talk about training and races. Mostly I am bored at the time . Usually my father then shows me pictures and videos . I like that.

The last few weekends we have such a combination that on Saturdays we walk in the mountains on Sunday we go swimming . Father tried to teach me freestyle . First with a pull buoy. But my feet surfaced and the head remained in the water. I cannot ride bike and I’m not running fast. So that I will not be triathlete !

Ajda Rojnik, 9 years