What I eat: Eating immediately after exercise (4/6)

This is the period in the first 15 minutes after exercise, i.e. immediately after I press the STOP button on my stopwatch. To keep up with tradition, “it depends” goes first, and once more it is the type of preceding workout that determines my nutrition immediately after. Yet again, after majority of training sessions, I skip taking in nutrients in this phase. Only after harder sessions I ingest carbs and some protein, mainly in the form of full fat (raw) milk. It gives you approx. 5 g of carbs, 3 g of protein (and 4 g of fat) per 100 mL and the desired amount of carbs is really convenient to measure. But the main reason is its established benefit as a recovery drink, as the anabolic effect of leucine is well demonstrated in studies.

120 g banana & 500 mL raw milk (47 g carbs, 17 g protein, 450 kCal)

120 g banana & 500 mL raw milk (47 g carbs, 17 g protein, 450 kCal)

I drink anywhere in the range of 0,3 L of raw milk after intense sessions lasting around 1 hour up to 1 L after hard brick sessions (5 h bike + run). In the last case, I also eat a banana, which is really something I always look for after hard training. This specific combination works wonders for me, as the fat in the milk really nicely complements the sweet taste of banana! In one word: delicious!

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